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there's a simple grace in being. like, we forget that while we're wrapped up in all our fussing about, but just existing, even just taking a moment and settling into our space, it's nice. and that's all it has to be: nice. and every thing, every book and chair and skyscraper and every errant wave and mote of soil and curling breeze, its beautiful and breathtaking. there's something to be learned, isn't there? or maybe a bottle of ketchup is just a bottle of ketchup, and it needs to go back in the fridge because its been a couple days.

asterisk asks a big question: what's life mean to an old rocking chair? or the frame of a door? or the floor of a brand-new apartment building? what if all the things we surround ourselves with, made of wood and stone and glass and plastic, were alive? asterisk is about asking these questions, and discovering what those answers mean to you. 

asterisk is a GM-less, diceless part-roleplaying game, part-character creation engine meant for 1-4 players. it was written for the 2020 #NoNoNoJam, hosted by Kazumi ChinGames from the Wild Wood. the first bites edition of the game comes with the first three phases of the game. it is a meditation on existence, and also about roleplaying newly sentient pieces of furniture. 


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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